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8 signs women look for when determining to be in a relationship with a guy.

Listen up men, you may not know that girls are testing you in the beginning of the relationship to see if you're a high-quality guy, but we are- even if it is subconscious. So here are signs we notice to determine if men are into us:

1. He pays on the first date. This is a big one. It might be controversial to some due to gender roles and wanting gender equality; however, most girls gauge if a guy is into her if he pays on the first date. If he does not pay on the first date, he probably won't be getting a second one.

2. He texts her first. Girls love it when a guy texts first, but it also matters WHAT he texts and the time he texts. Don't say "hey how's it going" every day, that's too bland. The man needs to find something that reminds him of the girl he's dating so she knows he is paying attention. Also, if you text past a certain time (let's say, 10:00 pm) she is going to think you don't want a relationship.

3. He initiates the first few dates. After or during the first date, it is great if the guy asks to go out on another date and plans something fun/cute. After a certain number of dates it starts to become mutual, but it is always great when a guy takes initiative at first, it reassures the girl that he likes her.

4. Even if he's busy, he makes time. Girls don't mind if the guy is busy working, they understand, and are busy too. They do, however, appreciate at least some form of communication during a break to let them know the guy is thinking about them. Don't just apologize and say "sorry I've been so busy", add more to that text so both people can have a conversation.

5. He has her meet his friends. This is another sign women feel is a step in the right direction. She wants to know who you hangout with to see how you are with your friends.

6. He treats his mom with respect. Girls feel how he treats his mom, is how he will treat you. Unless the guy's mom is abusive, this is an indicator of a quality guy.

7. He talks about his ex in a nice way. If he talks about them in a sweet way, and does not call them "crazy", that is a great sign. Bonus points if he analyzes what he learned from the relationships.

8. He opens up. Being vulnerable is difficult, but if he tells her a secret he usually does not share or opens up about difficulties in his life, this assures the girl he is not simply wanting a superficial relationship.

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