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The Poem in Little Fires Everywhere was a beautiful way to end the season finale, here it is!

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The ending of Little Fires Everywhere was one of my favorites because of the incredible poem that was recited. If you have Spotify you can listen to the poem here (Build It Up-Instrumental).

I thought I wanted to be made of fairytale endings,

Where I’d never know what was real or a dream.

So I dreamt that I belonged to you,

Because I knew you’d keep me safe from big girl things

Giant spiders, natural disasters, and unnatural ones too.

I’ve never felt as safe as I have felt than in that cage with you.

But when I started to wake up I saw those gilded bars around us

And I couldn’t remember how it went in the dream...

Was I the bird? Or was I the cage?

Was I Myself? Or one of my mothers?

Was I safe? Or was I suffocating?

Because the bird is in a cage, and the cage is in a town,

and the town is made of blinding white flower and beautiful lies.

And maybe we can’t help the things we dream of anymore than we can help the stuff we’re made of.

Or maybe we can, if we can finally see the lies, and the town, and the cage we’re inside of.

We can see so many other things too.

We can see the door,

A way out,

And we can fly away.

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